We are a factory specializing in the production of Baby clothing, Baby accessories,baby uderwear, over 10 years in manufacture, has become the high quality Baby underwear, infant garment, Baby accessories,baby diaper cover, children's underwear leader, also become foreign brands in China's infant clothing with professional production manufacturer; We provide professional brand Baby clothing, Baby underwear, children's underwear, Baby clothing wholesale, as well as infant clothing supplies franchise stores, chain operations. We in the international market have multiple products in infant clothing trademarks, through years of efforts, our excellent quality Baby underwear and Baby apparel products has become industry standard logo, in the US infant underwear, Baby diaper cover, more is to the comfortable, soft texture characteristics for new mothers recognized. Export Custom Service (OEM) If you need to customize your own style according to the sample volume, please send the following details to my mail: 1, Samples or drawings; 2, Product detail requirements; 3, Order quantity; 4, Delivery requirements. 5, The company contact information We will reply within 6 hours after the receipt of your mail. If you need real time service, please contact us directly.

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